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Draft Merged Officers Seniority List

Merged seniority lists as on 1.4.2007 of the officers’ category in various departments are being uploaded progressively on the intranet. It may please be noted that these lists indicate the merged seniority of employees of erstwhile IA and erstwhile AI as on 1.4.2007 and is prior to the anomalies rectification which have to be made as envisaged in para 3.19 of the report of the Justice Dharmadhikari Committee. Seniority of the incumbents of the Vigilance Cadre will be incorporated subsequently.

Employees may peruse these lists and point out any anomalies therein as on 1.4.2007 within a period of 10 days from the date on which the concerned list was uploaded. In view of the requirement to implement the accepted recommendations of the Justice Dharmadhikari Committee in a time bound manner, representations received after the period of 10 days cannot be considered.